Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Journey part 5: Idahoda

Late in the evening in Idaho, we decided it was time to stop and followed signs from the highway to a campground, somehow ending up on a residential street driving through somebody’s backyard with the sprinklers on. We knew we weren’t in the right place and wondered exactly what did Idaho have against good signs and street lights. They could learn a thing or two from South Dakota. We found our way to a gas station, asked for directions to the nearest campsite and, following those directions we ended up in what looked like a town square. Large, neatly trimmed patch of grass in the middle of town with a fountain in the middle. Um, I hardly think we’re going to pitch a tent there. So we found a cheapo motel and sent Sharon in to make arrangements (she had the credit card). As it was more expensive for more than two people, we told the suspicious woman and four cats behind the desk that there were only two of us. After asking about 7 times if there were really only TWO PEOPLE, she gave Sharon the key and we pulled around to the hotel room. Polina and Amanda covered themselves in sleeping bags in the back seat as Sharon and I unloaded our bags and brought them into the room. The plan was that we’d wait until suspicious woman and cats had gone back to bed and then give the all-clear.

Sharon and I set about getting ready for bed. We changed our clothes and got cleaned up and noticed somebody out by our car! It was a poorly lit parking area so all we could see was a dark figure (Sharon said it definitely wasn’t the suspicious woman) with a flashlight, looking in the windows of the car. We held our breath, hoping Polina and Amanda were doing the same. Shadowy Figure finally tired of looking at what we hoped was a large pile of sleeping bags and walked out of our line of sight. We waited a bit more and then went out to the car to retrieve two very large walking sleeping bags. We were all a bit freaked out but completely exhausted and slept well.

In the morning, we got up earlier than usual so Polina and Amanda could shower and exit the room through a bathroom window while we loaded up the car. We picked them up a couple of blocks away. At the Town Square.

As we passed the sign saying “Welcome to Oregon,” Sharon, video rolling, yelled “GoodBYEEEE Idahoda!”

Amanda spit diet coke through her nose, I fell over laughing, Sharon said “What?!” and Polina kept driving.


Blogger Yesrie said...

{{{Applause!}}} for this whole Journey series! WHY have I never followed links to your blog? I know I've seen you comment on some of the bestest blogs in the world :> but how could I have been so brain-dead? Ack!

Settling in for some serious archive-reading, here. But I know already that you're going on my sidebar :-)


P.S. I love Tippy.

5:28 PM, June 23, 2005  

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